Pourquoi DiscernYard ?


L'idée de DiscernYard est née à partir de vingt- cinq années d'observations, d'expériences et de pratiques en entreprises internationales. C'est aussi pour moi le moment de partager. 


Dans un monde digitalisé en profonde accélération, la compétence humaine différenciatrice sera de développer,  à titre individuel et collectif, le champs du discernement, d'où DiscernYard. 

Why Discernyard ? 

DiscernYard was born through 25 years of observations, experiences and practice in a corporate international environment. It was also the right time for me to share.

In a fast paced digitalized world in profound, acceleration, the differentiating competence  will be the unique ability to develop, individually and collectively, the field of discernment.  This is the reason behind the creation of DiscernYard.





Sense,  see what others

can't see.




I can animate, set-up the content of your conference, give motivational talks about

Corporate Culture, Change management, Leadership

engagement & motivation,

Corporate Social 


and of course Discernement...



Career adviser

Looking for a sparring partner role, a sounding board ensuring that culture and people become fully

"part of" and "not next to"

your strategy


Questions about your career move, your next step...

Let's sense, think, act and learn together... 


Leadership and Corporate Social 


Corporate Social Responsibility activities bridged to your leadership development curriculum, linking

people development and sense of purpose 

Crisis management

I can  support you and your team to set-up your crisis preparedness plan 

Set up your crisis team

Simulate and learn from an exercice

Bridge crisis management with leadership capabilities 


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